We provide a wide range of financial products such as leasing and rental, and are focused on providing tailored solutions including energy efficiency programs and other usage based financing plans. At the same time, end-of-term services such as logistics, and remarketing means your financed assets are supported across their entire life span.

Importation and Exportation

Our import/Export operations started with raw materials and grew to encompass components, products and equipment. To keep pace with changing business environment we also act as distributor for overseas companies, follow on relocating production overseas, and in addition to regular trading, carry out regulatory research . This is the know-how that allow us to speedily and thoroughly meet our customers trading and financial needs.

Educational Equipment

We supply modern and top technology teaching equipment for universities, engineering schools, and basic technical education. We offer open control, multicontrol, scada-net, where thirty students can work stimultaneously in more than three hundred units.

Technical Education

As a global partner for educational institutes, government, public institutions and companies, we design and establish training centres and laboratories, as well as learning systems and training programmes. We systematically prepare skilled professionals for working in dynamic and complex environment.