Hydrogen Power Plant

The proposed project is to produce environmental and low cost water to hydrogen based energy using fresh water (including river/lake water & desalinated seawater) as feedstock to create hydrogen fuel which is then used to replace fossil fuel. Since Hydrogen (H2) production is done in real time, there is no requirement for hydrogen storage.

Off-Grid Electricity Supply, Energy Efficiency and Prepaid Services

The proposed project is to improve the quality of life of people by providing electricity to rural communities through the Off-Grid delivery system based on renewable energy for the supply of electricity. Our objectives are to:
- Deploy Off-Grid power generation system based on renewwable energy for the supply of electricity.
- Incorporate prepaid management system so as to provide the citizens access to new energy services and expenditure control.
- Provide energy efficiency solutions so that citizens become aware of the impact of their consumption patterns in energy expenditure

Modular Crude Oil Refineries

The proposed project can be developed and designed with varying capacities of 2000, 6000, 10,000 and 12,000 Barrels Per Day (BPD) to refine Light or Heavy Crude Oil as Feedstock into Unleaded Gasoline, Naphtha, Diesel, Kerosene/Aviation Fuel and Fuel Oil.

Commercial Cassava Farming and Processing Project

An integrated Cassava Cultivation and Processing Project can be established as a viable commercial enterprise, utilizing available farmland to cultivate Cassava, which has very high secondary product demand as industrial raw materials, apart from the domestic consumption demand of various Cassavava Food Products.

A processing Unit will be designed to process 100 to 500 per day of raw Cassava into Industrial/Commercial Starch and other mixed products of flour, Garri, Chips, Pellets, Animal Feed and or Glucose Syrup/Powder. The Cassava Farming aspect of the project will be capable of employing over 3.000 workers and cultivate from 500 through 1.000 hectares of farmland.

Farm Grain Storage Silos Project

The Farm Grains Storage Silos Project will have capacities to process and store 5.000 MT of Corn and can be expanded to more than 20.000 MT. Each Project will come complete with Storage Silos, Drying Facilities, Loading and Unloading Bays, Drying Control System, and Pre-Engineered Factory/Warehouse Building, Bulk Elevators, Truck Weigh Bridge, 1MW Power Plant, and Silos Support Accessories.

Pre-Engineered Medical Clinic & Diagnostic Center Project

The 3.060 sq. ft. Pre-Engineered fully equipped Medical Clinic and Diagnostic Center Project will come complete with six (6) Examination Rooms, Records Room, Laboratory & Medical Diagnostic Area, Lounge Area, Receptionist and Lobby areas, Nurses Station and three (3) Doctors Offices and Storage Room. The Medical Clinic and Diagnostic Center is ideal for rural locations where medical staff provide Doctors' consultations and dispensation of medications, as well as Laboratory and Diagnostic testing, with capacity for a minimum of three (3) Doctors and nine (9) Nurses to diagnose and treat over one thousand (1.000) patients per week.

Pre-Engineered Administrative Office & Warehouse/Factory Buildings

The Pre-Engineered Office and Industrial Buildings are designed as support facilities to house various types of Commercial and Industrial Plants, Machinery and equipment. The Buildings come complete with Structural Steel Design, Structural Framing, Roof and Wall Covering, Painting, Accessories, Building Anchorage and Foundation Construction, Erection and Installation.

Please download our supply list of projects. For more information, feel free to contact Prof. Michelet MONTINA by email ( or call (0034 644 388 296).