US-African and European Business Group with Value-Added Tax (VAT) number B85946879 was founded in Madrid by business professionals, NGO, universities, research institutes and technology centres, embassies, government agencies, multilateral and financial institutions with the aim of developing trade, commerce, and investment relations between public/private sector of US, African, and European countries. 

The philosophy of our company is built upon the idea of Givers Gain. By giving business to others you will get business in return. This is predicated on the age-old idea of what goes around comes around.

- Provide and disseminate useful and timely information for the advancement of its business partners.
- Ensure and facilitate regular organization of trade missions, workshops, seminars, lectures, summit and annual international conferences.
- Provide export promotion services and identification of markets for the products of its business partners.
- Identify and source appropriate technologies and relevant raw materials that can enhance the efficiency of its business partners.

Partnership Benefits
- Serve as an information warehouse to our business partners on investment opportunities, markets, and technologies.
- Render consultancy services to our business partners in the area of feasibility studies/business plan, and advisory services.
- Create networking/partnership opportunities by bringing people of different business interests under one roof, new opportunities are bound to be created.
- Provide a reliable platform for commercialization of research finding.
- Bridge the interaction gap between research academic institutes and business professionals with a view to encouraging frequent share of knowledge, technology and practical experience.
- Access the best industry intelligence and strategic tools tailored to the specific needs of your business.

- Expand your network and knowledge of the tax, legal and policy areas important to your business through our seminars, and more.
- Network and share expertise with hundreds of fellow business professionals, top executives, and decision makers from young enterprises to large, well-established companies.
- Build recongnition and raise your business profile through special features that will promote your company's visibility, services and products to a large, powerful, and multinational business audience.